So, to begin…

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This blog is just a tool.  I am trying to break my writer’s block, so I thought that attempting to string some words together on a regular basis might help.  I have no agenda, no plan, no themes I intend to cover in particular.  I am just trying to form some constructive writing habits.

I have a whole host of stories and scenarios in my head that just refuse to make it on to paper.  Trying to decide where to start on the 2000+ year timeline of my ‘magnum opus’ (yeah, right!) is a task that escapes me.  This at least makes sure that I am writing something.

So, don’t expect genius.


Gathering Momentum

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Can’t you hear the politicians preaching from the screens

their double-dealing candy-stealing con act’s quite obscene

cos everyone knows that’s how it goes and we’d rather not make a scene

but that’s how it is, how it’ll be and how it’s always been

we’re inured to their attentions, we’ve heard it all before

we try just not to answer if they come knocking at the door

but that’s the way they like it, they like that just fine

that way they know they’ve finally killed off that bit inside your mind

the bit that sees that things could change, the bit that would remind

you that they have to get elected and that, if further you reflected

might help you realise that if you idealised and got together

with all your chums, the dads and mums and did some sums

and spread yet further, with growing fervour

gathering momentum

the growing glower of people power could turn the feather

of your personal predilection for a meaningful election

into the overwhelming weight, the irresistible fate

of millions of others helping to smother the fraudulent system,

the blink and you’ve missed ’em plethora of pitiful promises.

Trying to find Google Webmaster Tools? Don’t use Google!

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Go figure…